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Unify, understand, identify and fix.

It's really that simple!

Understand your data

  • Smart Dashboards giving you endless reporting capabilities

  • Multidimentional graphs and pivot tables combining otherwise isolated data

  • Run experiments on specific data sets and get better insights

Unify your data

  • Collect data from any data source -Ad Server, SSPs, Paywall, Analytics, CRM.

  • API integrations with 10+ tech providers

  • Flexible and intuitive data normalization avoiding substantial discrepancies

Identify anomalies

  • Run diagnostics on every layer of your monetization stack 24/7

  • Identify the real root for revenue drop in minutes without involving your tech team.

  • Create customized alerts cross referencing data from different sources.

Fix anomalies

  • Increase your ad inventory quality with plug & play solutions

  • Improve viewability, malware protection, brand safety, data compliance and more.

  • Monetize first party data via cookieless solutions

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