Revenue surveillance 

software protecting your monetization stack 24/7

We help publishers to avoid unexpected revenue drops and monetize idle traffic by detecting anomalies and inefficiencies on their monetization stack.

No more leaving money on the table.

Enhancing performance of your preferred partners

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Plug your preferred ad monetization partners

API integrations with 20+ tech providers

Scanning your stack 24/7

Run diagnostics on every layer of your ad monetization stack

Site speed and page layout


Header bidding 

Ad quality and malware protection

Data management and privacy compliance

Spot critical errors causing revenue drop

Alerting system keeping you updated 24/7

Real time protection identifying anomalies when they happen.

Identifies idle traffic and revenue left on the table

Powerful analytics connecting the dots

High level of granularity on your core ad monetization metrics.

Correlates the Impact of different metrics against  ARPU

Actionable insights about the impact of

ad revenue on UX and site´s performance 

Trusted by 100+ Publishers around the world

Are you leaving money on the table?