Unified reporting

Collect data from all monetization partners and customize dashboards your way 

Arnd Aschentrup

CEO @ Tandem Mobile App

We built our Header Bidding stack using yieldPass wrapper and reduced implementation time in 70%!

We experienced a 28% ad revenue increase for our In-app monetization partners using yieldPass.  

We got  access to premium supply sources using yieldPass programmatic compliance tool. 

Fredrik Hellström

CEO @ mi.tv

Federico Grinberg

CEO @ Futbol Sites Network

Analytics made for publishers


Unify your Data

Bring all your data sources under one roof and make sense of otherwise isolated metrics. 


Smart visualization

Customize your own dashboards and unveil hidden insights saving time and resources.


Spot anomalies on real time

Create alerts and get notified about anomalies causing unexpected revenue leakage.


Enhance your stack

Round off your stack with plug & play solutions to correct anomalies.