High Impact Ad Formats

The amount of space you have on your site for ads is pretty limited, so it is important to consider not only the types of ad formats you will be utilizing on your website, but also the amount of space you want to allocate for ads. To offset monetization risk, working with ad formats that advertisers are accustomed to can shorten your ramp-up period and give you access to better demand.


The advertising industry has created standard ad sizes to accelerate the fluidity between advertisers and publishers. The typical banner ad formats are stated as:​

  • 300x250 (medium rectangle)

  • 728x90 (leaderboard)

  • 160x600 (wide skyscraper)

  • 300x600 (half page)

  • 900x250 (billboard)

  • 336x280 (large rectangle)

  • 468x60 (banner)

  • 120x600 (skyscraper)

  • 160x600 (wide skyscraper)

  • 970X90 (large leaderboard)

  • 250x250 (square)

  • 125x125 (button)

​Keep in mind these ad formats when designing your page layout, the goal should not be to utilize every ad format available, but to strategically use these ad sizes to work within the flow of your website.


Display banners that match the look and feel of your website. So in other terms, the layout of the advertisement looks exactly like your normal content and site design. Native formats can be very creative in their design and implementation, here are a few examples below. 


Ads that are ingrained within the publishers content.  They appear in-stream, match page function and mirror content behavior. These are more narrowly targeted placements that generate brand engagement.

Content Recommendation Widgets


Recommendation widgets are sponsored stories in which ads or paid content links appear underneath or alongside content in the form of a widget. Though these ads are integrated into a publisher’s content though the widgets do not have the same appearance as an editorial content feed.

Promoted Listings

Generally found on sites that do not have editorial content on the pages. These ads still fit into a browsing experience seamlessly because they look nearly identical to other products or services on a given site.

Branded Video

Video ad format that runs entirely independent of your adserver. This format can be implemented directly within the content feed of your site or can hover over your page. Branded Video matches the unique look and feel of each publisher site and offers customized branding to drive higher brand awareness and engagement.

Instream Video

When it comes to video ads, determining the time they will render while the user is watching content is key. There are 3 different opportunities for advertisers to render an ad during the video and you should take into consideration your user behavior when determining the best time to render an ad. Typically the most popular format is pre-roll as it is the closest guarantee that the advertiser has of being seen, but higher CPMS can still be had with the other formats.

  • Pre-Roll: Video advertisement that plays before the video.

  • Mid-Roll: Vido advertisement that plays during the video (can render multiple times depending on video length)

  • Post-Roll: Video advertisement that plays after the video is completed

Full-View Ads

A solution that can significantly enhance viewability is what we call the full-view or anchor ad placement. This placement is fixed to the bottom of the page and in some cases can be enhanced to be transparent when hovering over content or images on the site. This is a highly viewable ad placement and we advise to take note of any changes in user behavior when including this in your ad layout as some users may find it intrusive, but the risk can mitigated with the return in profit you can receive from this high performing ad unit. 



Implement Full-View Ad

yeildPass offers a customizable and easy to implement solution to give our publishers access to full-view ads. Our solution provides dynamic UX pleasing functionalities that minimize the intrusiveness of the ads and is backed by high-quality monetization support to bring reputable and brand-safe advertisers to your site.