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The Ad world has changed. High quality inventory is a scarce commodity in a Cookieless world where marketeers still have millions of dollars to spend.

Turn your ad space into high quality ad inventory

Enhancing performance of your preferred monetization partners

yieldPass saves our team from the hassle of pulling and manually analysing reports from several sources allowing us to focus on revenue growth.

Federico Grinberg
CEO Futbol Sites Network

Advertisers struggle to find high quality ad inventory

Turn your ad space into high quality ad inventory in 4 steps

1. Unify your Data

Collect data from any data source - Ad Server, 

SSPs, Analytics, CRM, Paywall and more -

API integrations with 20+ tech providers

Flexible Data normalization avoiding discrepancies with data sources

2. Understand your data

Intelligent Dashboards giving you endless reporting capabilities

Multidimensional graphs and pivot tables allowing you to combine otherwise isolated data

Run experiments isolating specific data sources, metrics and dimensions

3. Identify anomalies

Run diagnostics on every layer of your monetization stack 24/7.

Identify the real root for revenue drop in minutes without involving your tech team.

Create customized alerts and avoid unexpected revenue leakage.

4. Fix anomalies 

Increase your ad inventory quality with

plug and play solutions.

Improve viewability, malware protection, brand safety, data compliance and more.

Monetize your first party data via cookieless solutions

Trusted by 100+ Publishers around the world

Is your ad stack ready for the new ad world?