Publisher Cloud

The Home of your Advertising Operations

As an AdOps Manager you are responsible for setting up, monitoring and optimizing 10+ adtech providers in your stack. Publisher Cloud offers you a central hub to run your advertising operations, simplifying otherwise manual and time consuming tasks

allowing you to focus on strategy and innovation.   

Unified reporting & Analtyics

Customize your Dashboards and visualize data your way. 

Key Benefits: 

- One-stop-shop: Save up to 80% of time spend pulling or visualizing reports from multiple reporting tools. 
- Eagle eye view: Multiple Dashboards in one single viewport to see the big picture faster. 
- Data normalization.  Avoid discrepancies generated from moving data around.

Alert system

Key Benefits: 

- 24/7 protection : Keep track of performance of your monetization partners and optimization efforts at all time. 
- Run experiments: Combine metrics from otherwise isolated data sources and find the impact they have to one another.

Create customized alerts and spot anomalies on your ad stack causing sudden revenue leakage.  


Run automated Audits on every layer of your ad stack and verify correct set up and optimal performance.

Key Benefits: 

- Adops Automation: stop looking for the needle in the haystack and surface the root for anomalies. 
- Connect the dots: bring all layers of your monetization stack under one roof. 

Monetization & ad quality

All monetization solutions with one integration. 

Key Benefits: 

Supply: Fast track access to Premium SSPs. 

Ad Solutions: Try high impact ad formats. 

Cookieless data monetization: monetize your data using cookieless solutions. 

Brand Safety: integrate viewability solutions, malvertising protection and bot traffic detection.